Partnering with you

Moving Forward, Going Local

Our focus is on local assets, local communities and the local economy. We consult, we include and we set out a coherent vision – for land and buildings, housing and workspace, environment and leisure – energising people and structures, places and spaces.

Working with Land and Estate Management Teams

We aim to work for you and with you. Many smaller estates retain a relatively modest staff team to ensure focus on key day to day management issues and to keep overheads down. So we provide a ‘call off’ service enabling you to draft us in to work with your team on strategic development issues and on projects as and when you need us – building local partnerships to get the most out of your ideas and assets.

Enabling Local Authorities to Unlock Value

Market towns and rural settlements are central to Dhu Rural. We understand the need to make the best use of scarce resources and to unlock value from land and buildings. We envision and enable new uses for redundant or underused assets. We work with local authorities to create opportunity, build capital and sustain communities.